Monday, May 16, 2011

How to train your Newfoundland?

Every dog has a temperament, style of learning and its way of understanding a training. First thing you need to do is to find out these factors (related to your dog) and try to comprehend them the best you can, because that is the only way that your dog starts to learn freely from you. If you want to meet your dog a little closer, you will have to spend more time with him and commit yourself more at that time. As for Newfoundland dogs it is important to reward them every time when they do something good by giving them few pieces of food, because then they will feel difference between good and wrong doings. This "before training" part needs only time and commitment and results will be visible after few days or weeks (depends of your commitment) because Newfoundland dogs are very smart and intelligent type of dogs. Giant Newfoundland dogs maybe don't look so smart, but you will notice that they are. Important thing is that you respect and love your dog and everything will be so much easier then, because your Newfoundland dog will return the love and respect two times more. Also, when you spend time with your Newfoundland do not EVER strike, hit, pound or scream at him because that will not bring you anything good, your dog will lose self-confidence and start having fear of you and maybe even in some cases he will start to defend himself and that can and will be very bad for you. When training of your dog starts, you need to pay attention to how fast does your dog learns and how much is he concentrated on training. Newfoundland dogs, like every other dog, have some areas where they are more concentrated on training and also areas where they are less concentrated on training. Here are some examples for your Newfoundlands about relations of environment and dogs concentration:

1.When your Newfoundland dog finds himself in your yard (where he spends the day) and with no other people there, your training will be certainly good and effective

2.When your Newfoundland dog finds himself on some playground (where you take him sometimes) with people around, your training will not be so effective but your Newfoundland will remember few things

3.When your Newfoundland dog finds himself in a part of the city he never or maybe sometimes saw with many people around, your Newfoundland concentration will be very low and training will not be effective at all

These three examples show how much Newfoundland dogs will be concentrated in some situations and how much will your training be effective. This all means that you need to find a good place or an area for your Newfoundland training, because the place where he spends a lot of time training will ensure the best results and as the time goes on you will have the opportunity to show all tricks that your Newfoundland know to your friends at any place (with or without hindering factors). Newfoundland dogs are usually not hard to train. However, there are certain difficulties sometimes, but if you don't like them, you don't have to buy it or train it. Most important from this is to love your pet because Newfoundland dogs are very sensitive and intelligent and everything with them will be more exciting and fun if you love them and respect them. As the time passes by, your Newfoundland can become your best friend and your best consolation can be in his respect and love that he offers you.

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